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Wedding Trends: Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

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Wedding planning can be very taxing for the the couples and making mistakes during the same seems inevitable going by the nature of the event. Marriage is a task that people get to tackle only once in their life, though we have got professionals to help out in the tiring process, one cannot completely rule out the chances of dodging some serious blunders.

Here, we have compiled a list of common missteps brides take during their wedding preparations and how they can avoid the same smartly.

Not Estimating Budget Properly

While making budget for the wedding, couples often miscalculate or forget to add certain important things that may result in increasing their budget by thousands of dollars at the end. One should never under-calculate non negotiable gratuities or service charges that you need to pay at various junctures. If you have hired a professional wedding planner, make sure you ask them to present you with a predetermined budget for every single expense. As they are professionals in this field, there budget will be an eye opening revelation for you, specially if you have given them a set amount to spend. You might think that the unit cost of everything is reasonable but one you will add them you will realize you shocking the final amount will be. A professional wedding planner will give you a detailed wedding budget at a flat rate fees.

Burning Yourself Out Before Wedding

The entire wedding planning thing comes with a flow and it all begins the moment you get engaged. The flurry of activities that take place soon after includes countless web searches, pinterest board compilations, back-to-back tours to probable venues, vendor meetings, menu tasting and a lot of work that you need to finalize before the D-day. Once you are done with initial booking of vendors, make sure you give yourself a well deserving brake from all that planning. Instead, take some time off and enjoy some blissful moments with your loved one. Even before you will get the feel of it, the lull will be over and you will be left with a lot of things that require your attention. Enjoy the planning, but do not exhaust yourself with too much wedding talk.

Ignoring The First Look

You must have planned a leisurely makeup and hair routine for the wedding day with your besties, but what if you get to have your reception immediately after the ceremony? How about planning a reveal look for yourself before the ceremony. In all the hustle bustle you will not get a chance to look each other so, to have your first look moment, ask your wedding planner/photographer to suggest you a perfect setting where you can see each other for the very first time on that day.

This heartfelt intimate moment will then be followed by formal gathering, photographs, meeting with relatives and of course the ceremony in front of both bridal and groom parties. Once you will say ‘I Do’ you will be all equipped with the long sessions of photography to have a memorable wedding album, which you can revisit later on.

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