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Wedding style guide for the Winter Bride!

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Weddings are a special affair commemorating the unison of two souls for a lifetime. It is the day when two lovers proclaim to be united till death in front of everyone. While, it might be a nerve wrecking moment for a lot of people, the ultimate outcome is a lifetime of happiness. Generally wedding preparations start from months before the actual event, since there is a lot to take care of from the invitation list to fixing the wedding event area. While a lot of people might be there to help you with the food and gifts for guests, one thing you have to take care of yourself is your wedding dress. It is a dream of a little girl to get the perfect wedding dress for her own wedding. Winter weddings are generally not sought after because of the lack of dresses that would be comfortable to wear during winter weddings, but with this guide you will be able to choose a dress which is both comfortable and fashionable. Not only that, you will be able to accessorize in a way that would go with the season and make you look the most beautiful bride ever.


Winters are cold, without any doubt and hence the bride needs to take extra care of her health while looking for her wedding dress. It is advised not to go for sleeveless dresses during winters because the wedding event generally takes a lot of time, and wearing a sleeveless dress in chilling winter might not be the right idea. That being said, there are a lot of options among sleeves as well which you can choose from. Long sleeve, half sleeve, silhouette sleeve and many more, choose a dress which you think would keep you warm and cosy throughout the event so that it is memorable in a good way.


While there is no particularity about the style, one is advised to keep away from the cocktail style dresses or small dresses which would not be able to keep you warm. Ball gowns are the best since it keeps you warm and also complements the snow outside.


Winter calls for heavy fabrics which you would not have even thought about otherwise. Silk, satin are the top choices among winter brides because in winter these fabrics don’t make you sweat but rather keeps you warm. Cotton and other lighter fabrics can also be chosen considering the fact that they have layers of fabrics on the dress, because just one layer of cotton might not be able to hold the cold outside from affecting your body temperature.


Accessorize yourself in accordance to your wedding dress, do not over-do it just because its winter. A stole or cover up would go well with the season; similarly gloves would go very well and would also ensure the warmth.

One thing the winter bride needs to keep in mind is that comfort and style has to mix up when it comes to your wedding dress and style. Winters are cold and hence one needs to take extra care of the exposed body parts and try to cover them up with accessories so that the cold does not affect you throughout the event. Rest assured, the winter bride would look like a fairytale character with these few tips and the snow outside complementing their style!

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