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Tips on Hosting a Perfect Wedding

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You can never forget your wedding day because that is the day on which you united with the love of your life. Each moment of your wedding day will be captured in your brain life a movie and you will keep on replaying those sweet moments. It is very natural that for days you will not forget your wedding ceremony because it is the biggest day of your life. But is there any chance that other people also keep on recalling your wedding day? Obviously there is! You just have to throw a perfect wedding party.

Keeping following things in mind can help you organise a memorable wedding:

  • Short wedding ceremony:

As sweet as the wedding vows sound to you, people get to hear these vows in almost all the weddings. A long ceremony can become tedious and boring for them. Try to keep your ceremony short so that your guests do not get bored of it.

  • Music on demand:

If you ask your DJ to play the music of guest’s choice then your guests surely enjoy grooving up to their favourite beats. But for this your playlist should be long enough. Keeping a record of all the good and trending songs can help.

  • Proper seating arrangement:

A well-defined seating arrangement will prevent chaos during reception ceremony. Each table should have a card containing the name of the guests that are to be seated on that particular table. The same seating plan should be displayed on a large board too.

  • Special messages:

Although it is difficult but leaving a message written on cards for each guest will make them feel special. Messages need not be long but should be written in your own hand.

  • Wedding games:

When your wedding and reception ceremony are stretching for too long then all the eating, dancing and chatting can get boring for your guests. In such a situation wedding games can save the day and provide a new source of fun to the guests.

  • Wedding venue:

This is the most important element for a perfect wedding. The wedding venue should be amidst the natural surroundings because nature never ceases to amaze. If the wedding venue is more natural like a beach or between the woods, it will keep guests entertained. Moreover it will provide you with good wedding photos.

  • Interacting with guests:

No doubt that on your big day you are feeling all lovey-dovey towards your newly wedded spouse but there is no harm in giving some attention to the guests also. You should take out some time to talk to your guests. This will also make them feel important.

  • Photo booth with props:

This is yet another unique way of entertaining you guests. You can get a photo booth involved in your wedding venue. The photo booth should contain lots of props like a hat and big plastic glasses.

It is not a difficult task to make your wedding stand out amongst the other weddings, you just need to think out of the box.

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