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Asian-Inspired Fabrics and Styles for Flower Girl Dresses

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As a hot pot of different cultures and traditions, Asia has been a great source of inspiration for wedding stylists. Tradition is deeply embedded in Asian weddings, but if you’re inspired to make your own nuptials a fusion of the East and West, then take a look at what types of Asian-inspired fabrics and designs you can incorporate into your plans.

A young girl dressed in red cheongsam for a wedding.

A young girl dressed in red cheongsam for a wedding.

Modified Cheongsam Dress for Flower Girls

In China, a typical cheongsam or qipao is worn by the bride on her wedding day. It’s usually made of red satin with brocade buttons, Mandarin collar and the classic flying dragon and blessing floral pattern. Either you follow tradition and have your flower girls wear an ankle-length cheongsam with short sleeves and narrow skirt, or you defy the rules and have the flower girl dress modified to fit your tastes.

Some qipaos for little girls have short slit skirts and come in other colors besides red. Meanwhile, other styles of the qipao feature flaring short skirts with tulle overlay and three-quarter sleeves. What make the cheongsam uniquely Asian are the high collar, floral buttons, and intricate brocade design.

haldi flower girl dress saree

A girl holds a traditional gift for the bride and groom at a Haldi ceremony. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Colorful Lehenga Cholis for Little Girls

Usually, the Indian bride has to have at least five outfits made for her. She wears one for the engagement party, another for Sangeet, and still another for Haldi or the turmeric ceremony. Then, she wears a special dress for the wedding ceremony and change into something else for the reception that follows. And, her retinue also wears at least three outfits that match hers on each occasion.

Her flower girls, in particular, wear lehenga cholis or special sarees. These ankle-length dresses mostly feature brocade designs or floral prints, and they’re worn either with a silk scarf or without it. Some girls wear a hairpiece or veil that matches the color and style of their dress. While most flower girls like to walk barefooted down the aisle for comfort, a good pair of open-toed sandals or flat-heeled shoes looks great on small feet.

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