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Choosing a Dress for the Flower Girl

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A flower girl in a wedding carries a basket of flowers and walks down the aisles as she sprinkles them. Usually, she has a special connection to the bride or the groom, and therefore it is their responsibility to select the right dress for the girl. These are the areas they have to consider most:

The Size

Flower girls range from 4-8yrs and therefore they grow quickly this should be kept in mind when purchasing a dress for them. The duration away from the wedding should be considered. A big dress can be hemmed in at the time of the wedding compared to a smaller dress.


It is always important to ensure that the flower girl is comfortable in her dress. Avoid an itchy or trim fabric to avoid a scratching flower girl down the aisle. The length should also be considered i.e. not too long to avoid any tripping.

The material’s quality

Because little children cannot be trusted to sit calmly through the ceremony it is therefore important to pick a fabric that is wrinkle free and that which can stay neat and pretty. While considering the comfortability when choosing the fabric, make sure that you are able to stay within the budget.


In the market, there are a variety of dress colors for flower girls’.  One can choose to match the flower girls’ dress with the bridesmaids or decide to choose one that matches their own gown. The dress chosen can also match the wedding’s color scheme.

The wedding’s setting

The formality of the wedding should be considered when choosing a flower girl’s dress. A formal church or ballroom wedding will go with fancy attire and the flower girl may look similar to the bride’s gown. A less formal wedding will require a dress that is light and airy. Always match the flower girl’s dress to the theme and comfortable.

The climate and seasonChoosing a Dress for the Flower Girl

The time and the weather should be put into consideration while choosing a style for the flower girl’s dress. During summer or spring, a flower girl should wear a light, sleeveless dress as this is comfortable and less sticky the girl. On the other hand it is important to dress the flower girl in dresses with sleeves or with tights under the dress to keep them warm.


Consider your budget range or the parents’. Always have an agreement with the flower girl’s parents’ budget on the style of the dress chosen.

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