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Selecting a Perfect Wedding Gown

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A to-be-bride always desires to look her best on her wedding day. She wants that she looks most ravishing, it’s obvious that she has to because she is the bride! Not only her groom’s but the attention of all the guests will be centred towards her, so a mediocre wedding gown is not worth it! She should opt for a gown that flatters her body. A costly wedding gown is not always the perfect one, but the one that suits the bride and augments her beauty.

Selecting a perfect wedding gown is the work of a logical thinker. You must be aware about the cuts and troughs of your body to know that which gown will add up to your beauty. Knowing your body type is the prime requirement for picking up an impeccable gown. The following types of wedding gowns can suit you according to your body type:

  • For a pear shaped body:

A pear shaped body is characterised by narrow upper body but heavy hips and thighs. A wedding gown that clinches to your curves is not the one for you. You must look for one that is loose from your hips. An A line wedding gown is the best option for you. The fabric of your wedding gown should also be tough so that it doesn’t sticks to your body.

  • For an apple shaped body:

A body that is broader from above and narrow from below needs a dress that has thin fabric on the top and laces on the gown’s flare, so that your body looks lean from above and broad from below. The work done on the gown should be in a vertical pattern rather than horizontal.

  • Heavy busted body:

If you are adorned with a heavy bust than your gown’s neckline should bear a slight cut in between. If the neckline is straight, it will make you look bustier. A heart shaped neckline is the perfect option for you.

  • For a lean body:

If you have a slender body with very less curves then you should go for a heavily textured wedding gown. It should have immense amount of lace work and if possible a padded top is the best resort. This will give curves to your body and will give you a fuller look. People with slender body should avoid gowns made of thin material.

  • For a tall figure:

If you are lucky enough to have a good height, then you must wear a gown that complements your height. The gown should be made with proper measurement, with natural waistline and long sleeves. The hem of the gown should be slightly longer than the floor length.

  • For a plump body:

If you are a plus size then obviously you should choose a well fitted gown that fits you moderately. It should not be too tight and neither too loose.

A wedding gown is an integral part for a perfect wedding look of the bride so it should be chosen very wisely. 

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