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How To Make Your Kids Take Care Of Their Belongings

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Children are naughty and they are also not as organized as you might be, thus scattering their things around will be quite common for them. Even if you dont have kids on your own, when you will visit a home with kids you will notice that something or the other will scattered. This is pretty common with kids as they are not very well acquainted with the concept of neatly arranging things.

However, if you take the onus of teaching them the art of arranging things at a very young age then they will get this behavior integrated for the rest of their lives and will also be very thankful to you.

When your kid start going to pre-nursery, take this time as a chance to teach them how they should take care of their belongings.

Start doing this by designating a place where your kid should always keep his/her school related belongings like books, notebooks, colors, pencils, papers, etc. It can either be a small drawer, cupboard, compartment or a box so that they can call it their own. Make your child understand that he must place all his things at a specific place and don’t expect them to learn this in first time only. Your child may take several days to get used to this kind of routine and you need to be very patient throughout this.

The moment your child comes home from school, make it a point to ask them to go to the designated point and place his things there. This will help in instilling discipline, also he will known how to pile things neatly. If needed do it once or twice for him so that he can monitor you closely doing it and then do the same for his things. When your kid will observe you following the pattern for your own things, he will start doing the same for his own stuff as well.

Second way is to make your kid arrange his school bag. Doing this will instill the feeling of taking care of his belongings, especially when going at a place where you are not around to look after. Also, whenever you will notice his things to be in a disarray, ensure to call his attention and tell him politely that he must take care for his things if he want them to last for a longer period of time. He must also be explained that things need to be handled with utmost care and attention.

He should learn to take proper care of his toys as well, because oftentimes children tend to throw or destroy their toys carelessly. Also, they deliberately break their toy when they do not find it good looking enough or are bored of it already. You need to teach your child that even if the toy is old, faded or no longer of his interest, he must not throw or destroy it. Instead he should take same care of it as other toys and return it to its place without breaking deliberately.

Teaching your child how to take care of your belongings is going to be a rewarding experience for you as well, so enjoy it. 

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