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Guide to Kid’s Wardrobe Makeover for Rainy Days

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Rainy days can be really disturbing and boring, if you are not ready for it. It stops you from going out without precautions, plays whimsical weather changes and obstructs your favourite sunshine, but it also can be a really good way to celebrate the beauty of nature. The vegetation glows green during rainy season, the atmosphere is all clean after the shower and cups of coffee become a favourite for casual rendezvous. Some even find romance in rainy season, but that is only when you are inside the house, under your blanket, sipping on the warm coffee, the scenario changes when you attempt to go out. For kids especially, who would rather go out and get drenched in the rain rather than staying back at home, rainy season becomes a delight and curse at the same time. Getting drenched might seem like a good idea until pneumonia, cold and cough attack. But, do not worry, with these few tips you would be able to arrange a wardrobe which will ensure that your kid does not fall sick even if they are going out and getting drenched.

1.Fresh Pairs of Clothes

It is really difficult to keep dry clothes during rain due to the lack of sunlight, but it is necessary to have them. How would you achieve this feat, you ask? Well, go for extra pairs of clothes, keep at least 7 pair for 7 days so that you can provide them with fresh clothes every day. Also, take extra care of drying them up properly otherwise they might smell really bad and that would certainly not make your kid happy.


Raincoats are a must for rainy days. They help you go out in the rain to carry on with your regular life without any hindrance. Keep 2-3 raincoats since they also need to be dried up after use, otherwise a stench may persist. Not only does raincoat protect you from pneumonia, cold and cough, but it also keeps your kid’s bag safe inside. The books don’t get wet, the bag remains dry. All in all, raincoats seem more like a God’s gift to humankind during rainy seasons.


Your kid might be adamant on not using one, after using a raincoat, but sometimes extra care needs to be taken so that the hair does not get wet. While raincoats protect it pretty well, umbrella gives the extra protection which is needed to shield the hair from the rain, otherwise cold and cough might persist. An idea to facilitate your kid’s umbrella use would be buying them umbrellas that they would like to flaunt. With the ever growing market, there are different styles of umbrella these days from fairytale inspired ones to superhero inspired umbrellas.

4.Water-resistant Boots

The feet of your kid needs to be dry when they are going out, and normal shoes or sneaker might not be the perfect thing on a rainy day since they might get wet and the water may soak to your feet. Water-resistant boots keeps your feet dry and odourless. 

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