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How to dress your Pet on your special day?

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Pets are always a part of the family; we consider them like any other member of the family. But, when it comes to social gatherings and occasions, we are at a fix on how to treat them in order to make them feel equal to us. Wedding is perhaps one of the most important days in the lives of people, and family alike. It is an occasion where the whole family gets together to celebrate the unison of two souls, to commemorate the promise of two people who declare their love in front of everyone. While other members of the family are included in the event in one way or the other, your pet is left alone because you are unable to decide how to include them. Well, do not worry; include your pets in a way that your guests go “aww” over the cuteness quotient. Here are some tips which might help you include and dress up your pet on your special day.

1. Bow Tie or Tie

A tie or bow-tie might look good on humans, but it looks cuter on your pets especially dogs. When they arrive at the event wearing a clip on tie or bow-tie, you might feel like they are taking your shine away on your special day. If you are ready to take the risk of diverting the attention to your dog, then this is the way to go about it. It not only raises the cuteness quotient but also makes your pet complementary to the wedding event.

2. Ring Bearer

Well, you might have planned on a flower girl or some special family member to carry the ring to the altar, but have you thought of doing the same with a pet? Well, that would surely get the attention of your guests and in a positive way. The ring can be attached to a collar or some might even train a pet to carry the ring in a basket. Who else but the pet that you trust and love so much would be the perfect ring bearer?

3. Faux Pearl Necklace

If you have a female dog and you plan to go by the gender rules then a faux pearl necklace on your pet’s neck would be a perfect choice. That will make them look beautiful, beyond your imagination. Moreover, the faux pearl necklace can also be used as a collar to keep them in the event area. There are lot of variants available in the market, just go with the one which would suit the colour of your pet and their fur texture.

4. Custom Tux

This is for the gentle-dogs, who aim to look dashing and handsome on their human’s wedding event. A cute little custom tux might just add that extra ooh factor to your wedding event. While choosing the tux, always remember about the comfort of your pet, buy something which fits them and also take care of the colour which should go well with the colour of the pet’s fur.

Not only these, include them in your pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots to include them in the family album. 

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